Where do the product comes from?

All products made in different Chinese factories. We source individual pieces from all over China, choose only the best to display in one place for western & global customer. Some best designers and garments made in China factory but not the power to distribute from smaller designer, so we help. We are passionate about design and believe all consumer no matter price range should have access and make the world a more beautiful place for everybody.

Shipping time?

Generally 2-3 week free international shipping. May take a little longer or less, please be patient. This service is best option we have in China to get the products straight to you without big increase in price for the consumer.

Fake goods?

No. Independent and small designers without major distribution deals but with quality of global arena. Cheaper price for you and helping people with skills to be the best but not yet huge established brands in western market.

Mission statement

All men have access to tools for luxury life and no more gray, navy and black as only options for mass customer. Give all men access to color palettes and fabrics that are withheld from consumer because of status. When u put on amazing sequin jacket u feel different - u should have this feeling without paying $4000.

Who are we? 

We are independent company who know need for this service from our own lives. We found way out and we want you to have what you want as well. If shop like this already exist, we be so happy and we never make this shop in the first place. But we had to make it. Wear product with pride empower yourself & enjoy your life, it very short